This fundamental change in the culture towards material orientation led to a civilization focused on building advanced technologies to improve economic prosperity and achieve great heights in economic growth and profits. So, certainly the culture of a society is influenced by the economy of the civilization that we have at that particular point in time. Culture comprises those aspects of human activity which are socially rather than genetically transmitted. Each social group is characterized by its own culture, which informs the thought and activity of its members in myriad ways, perceptible and imperceptible.

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It documents the impact of existing inequalities of gender, migration status, and class on access to support, which has implications on the long-term repercussions of the current economic crisis. Civil society refers to the communities and groups that function outside of government to provide support and advocacy for certain people and/or issues in society. A Non-Governmental Organisation is a non-profit group organised on community, national and international levels to serve a social or political goal such as humanitarian causes or the environment. They can join the army, police or civil services to serve our nation. The Youth are our future and should be encouraged to take up sports and social work.

Hence, digital media campaign can change the scenario and India’s demographic dividend will turn into asset for the nation. It is also observed that many development projects and programmes have failed in the past because of the inadequacies in design, implementation,involvement and general awareness about the policy in the public. Performance of welfare schemes that are implemented for vulnerable sections is not so effective due to absence of their awareness and active involvement at all stages of policy process. For Youth to be good leaders, inventors and innovators, it is important that they are supported and are provided good health, training, and education to transform the future.

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Can Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organisations present an alternative model of public service delivery to benefit the common citizen? The National Educational Technology Forum , will be created to promote free exchange of ideas and technology. The National Research Foundation will be created for fostering a strong research culture and building research capacity across higher education. Inability of the project management to take prompt decisions on various levels of policy making even if they are necessary to achieve the objectives. Delays in clearances from regulatory authorities for land acquisition and in procurement of resources due to poor planning and coordination.

It is a common practice for contractors at workplaces to keep workers’ essential identification documents, including the Aadhaar, with them when they migrate and come for work. This is meant to exercise control over workers and constrain their mobility. This indicates a relationship similar to bondage between workers and contractors, trapping workers in low-paying jobs with poor conditions of work. In case of woman workers particularly, this can further their oppression and place restrictions on work and physical mobility. All women interviewed lost their jobs during the lockdown. Some waited till they could sustain themselves with the hope they would get their jobs back, and returned home eventually. Once home, they became dependent on their husbands or in-laws.

In this way, a civilization of people with a good mental state constitutes a good culture. Philosophical views of culture can be according to the believes of persons. The Bhagwat Gita, Hanuman chalisa are the ethical books, which are sacred and worshiped as God. This philosophy has segregated society into asthik and nasthik. Asthik people are those , who believe in God, and later who does not. From Indus Valley civilisation to Aryan culture, Indian subcontinent has been various cultures and civilizations.

My Mother has been my most significant source of encouragement and played a vital role in my holistic, physical, and mental growth and development. Corruption is a serious challenge faced by every country. India’s Prime Minister Mr Modi’s Government has taken many measures in the recent past to eradicate this social evil. Especially the step of demonetization taken by the Modi Government was considered as a long term reform and a perfect step taken towards nation-building. This step of demonetisation was popularly called as ‘Charitra Nirman‘ to encourage and push citizens of the country towards building their character as well in the sense to restrain oneself from engaging in corruption. According to Beitz, an American political theorist, the global economic inequality can be solved through the use of global distributive justice.

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It would be better represented in your answer if you were to work on your language and writing skills a bit more. Hence it was good for economy of France but not right according to Ethical values. Similarly , Civilization is made great by its people, the culture which blooms in its lap and not just by the mere discovery amd inventions. In our Culture we have undergone many changes for betterment be it, Schooling for Girls or abatement of Child marriage. But Culture tends to sought with small but crucial matters like customs, religion exactly like microeconimcs .It itself is a component of economy. Civilization is seen as whole state grouped together with its people, administration ,institution, economy etc.

Thus, education is the most important step in the development of a country and everyone must promote it to the greatest levels. Uniquely flagging the values, beliefs and fellowship of human relationships reforming the idea’s of living the life in a way that makes it existential. Women play a very important role in nation-building because they keep the family unit intact and pass on values to the young children. They must not neglect their household work and try to give equal importance to their traditional role while also training themselves to be good citizens. Women should strive for a healthy environment in society and join groups that work to bring about positive changes in their community. They can also involve themselves in nation-building activities like blood donation camps, tree plantation drives etc.

Culture is what we are, civilization is what we have are both demographic old-age roots of the whole manifesting the unique style of times perceived as in the very culture and civilization of the being as whole. Culture being reborn time to time is evitable just like life civilization however is something that stays forever, in one way or other. Cultures change just like fashion, which is also a culture but civilization doesn’t matter vanished how long still impacts life today. Houses and agriculture started at Indus valley civilization is what that lays base to todays agriculture. Keeping the scarce resources in mind, culture of people changes.